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Screen / Shielded Cables

Shielded Cable Screen Flexible Cable Screen Armoured Cable
Shielded Cable
(Transparent PVC)
Screen Flexible Cable
(Individula pair screening with aluminium mylar
drain wire)
Screen Armoured Cable
(Indivisual pair screening)
"SUPERCAB" is a very reputed brand in the market for screen / shielded cables. Both types of screening. i.e. copper braiding as well as aluminium mylar with continuously running drain wire of 0.5sqmm tinned copper. A very huge stock is kept at our godown of such cable.
Copper braided cables are more effective at low frequency i.e. For EMI
Whereas Aluminium foil shielding are more effective at high frequencies i.e. For RFI
Why use "SUPERCAB" screen cables?
1) Improved Attenuation
2) Improved Power scum crosstalk
3) Less Noise Interference
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